Thursday, December 30, 2010

HUD Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Grants

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced $24 million discretionary grant program for Technical Assistance and Capacity Building under the Transformation Initiative.

The purpose of OneCPD is to provide state government, local government and nonprofit recipients of federal community development, affordable housing, economic development and special needs funding with the assessment tools and technical and capacity building assistance needed to fully understand their local market conditions, to increase their capacity to successfully carry out federal assistance programs while leveraging other public and private resources, and to achieve positive and measurable outcomes. Under OneCPD, technical assistance will involve the delivery of expert statutory, regulatory, and technical support that improves the program knowledge, skills and capacity of CPD’s grantees and their partners. Capacity building efforts will be directed at advancing the efficiency and performance of grantees and their partners (e.g., for-profit and public or private non-profit organizations) in the administration of federal affordable housing, community and economic development and special needs programs, the leveraging of other resources and the furthering of key Departmental objectives, including, but not limited to, energy efficiency and green building. OneCPD will be centrally managed by HUD Headquarters with extensive involvement of the forty-three HUD field offices. Field offices will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of OneCPD, including: establishing the technical assistance and capacity building needs of the grantees based on assessments; negotiating and finalizing the individual work plans with the TA provider(s); achieving specified outcome/performance goals; ensuring the timely submission and approval of TA deliverables; and evaluating the performance of the TA provider(s).

Eligible applicants for OneCPD are: States or units of general local government; a HOME program participating jurisdiction (PJ); public housing authority; public or private nonprofit organization or intermediary, including educational institutions and area-wide planning organizations; Indian tribes; for profit organizations, and a combination of any of the above applying together in a joint application. Eligible applicants for Core Curricula are: public or private nonprofit organizations or intermediaries, including educational institutions and area-wide planning organizations and for profit organizations.

Check out for more information -- CFDA Number(s): 14.259 -- CPD's Transformation Intitiative Technicial Assistance FR-5415-N-30

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